The Dungeon

Kept within the darkness

I am naught to flee

A prisoner in the dungeon

Of reality

Truth, I’m forced to face

If my dream is to be free

Has crept around the corner

And it’s waiting there for me

I struggle to resist it

Always pushing it away

Illusions are my addiction

Wanting, needing them to stay

But much like other creatures

My desire is for the light

To shine upon my face

Clarify my sight

I’m craving something new

And gazing beyond

This noxious illusion

My thoughts reside upon



        to survive

Amongst the SANE


Living on

      this side


Mental incapacity.


     it’s a memory here.


     ‘everything’ is stable!?!


     I cannot fathom


I’ll be able

To move beyond

     this darkening


          of mentally unstable.


dedicated to: Smedley (Daddy’s imaginary friend, the poor soul blamed for unfortunate smells & everything that found its way into the somewhere room)


I sit here all alone

Not making sense of things

The love that I have known

Has slowly lost its flame

Not feeling, yet still feeling

The sadness overcomes

The light, it is receding

My heart grows ever dark

The hope, it dwindles farther

As dreams have lost their reach

I cannot wake tomorrow

With this feeling that I keep

Forgotten, I cease to exist

When others gather near

I fade into the shadows

Become one, as I hear

Friendship, love, and laughter

That does not me include

The charade grows ever faster

I cannot shake my mood

But I will keep on trying

Til the day my love appears

And I will keep on playing

This GAME set by my peers!


back and forth

swinging motion

pendulum of my soul.

never certain

always guessing

so confused

what to do?



hearth bursting 

with ♥ so true.

missing you!

my smile is a bridge

beckoning you.

come across

into my heart

back to my arms

burn the bridge

never to part

holding tight

lift the veil


What do you see in me?

our flame

burning strong

embers bright

we belong!

Prayers in the Dark

 Feelings of RAGE

Explode inside my head

Promises broken

Words left unsaid

One single phrase

My heart needs to hear

Confusing daze

Hopes disappear

Love’s torn apart

Carnal pleasure remains

Prayers in the dark

Of wanting to obtain

That pure, simple emotion.


I’m sifting through the debris

Remnants from someone else’s past

Searching for what belongs to me

Hoping to find it, at last

Visions ignite my soul

Singeing my every thought

Burning beyond all control

Leaving my heart distraught

Nothing here looks familiar

What is it my heart should see?

Love? It has deemed me a killer

Of feelings that won’t let me be

My soul’s yearning to find its place

Yet Fate’s unwilling to set it free

And though my heart longs to plead its case

Love cannot remember me.